Katharine Bancroft

Katharine has been working in the group since 2017. She has contributed tremendously to the initial work which motivated our interest in geometric cohesion and the behavior of flexible granular particles.


Hongyou Lin, ‘20

Hongyou has been working in the lab since 2017 at Haverford. He has worked on various projects ranging from the acoustic signals of failure in granular materials to improving our ability to make photoelastic particles and measure particle-particle forces.


Charles Walker

Charles started working in Squishlab in the summer of 2019. He is interested in characterizing the flow of particles sedimenting under gravity through viscous fluids.

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Carter PAtterson

Carter started with Squishlab the Summer of 2018, and is studying the way permanent mechanical bonds between particles changes the way stresses are transmitted through a material. They are also the lead student in a collaboration studying the granular physics of planetesimal formation in the early universe.


Shaun Fedrick

Shaun joined the group through a collaboration with Friend of Squishlab Paulo Arratia, in MEAM at UPenn, in summer of 2018. He is exploring how viscoelasticity modifies lubrication using polymeric fluids, with an eye to using viscoelasticity as a mechanism to control the sedimentation and packing of particles in multiphase flow.


Sykes Cargile

Sykes began working with Squishlab in the summer of 2018. He is studying the rheology of Annular Sector Particles (ASPs), and how their bulk response depends on the details of their geometry and structure.


Ivan Tseytlin

Ivan started working in Squishlab in the summer of 2019. He is interested in characterizing the nanoscale velocity fluctuations of particles sedimenting under gravity through viscous fluids.


Sadie Kenyon-Dean

Sadie began working with Squishlab in the summer of 2019. She is studying the packing and compactivity of Annular Sector Particles (ASPs), and how their bulk properties depend on the details of their geometry and structure.

The most hipster picture of Ted

The most hipster picture of Ted

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1901-0009
email: tbrzinski[at]haverford.edu
phone: 610-896-1196
office: L109, KINSC
lab: H006-8, KINSC
mailing address:
     KINSC, Haverford College
     370 Lancaster Ave
     Haverford, PA 19041

Ted Brzinski, Principal Investigator

I began my career in soft matter physics as an undergraduate, in the research group of Prof. Eric Weeks at Emory University, studying the jamming and rheology of microemulsions and thermo-sensitive hydrogel particles. After completing my B.S. in Physics at Emory, I went on to earn my Ph.D. in the group of Prof. Doug Durian at The University of Pennsylvania, where I studied impact into granular materials and multiphase flow. UPenn is also where I became interested in geophysical systems, thanks to the corrupting influences of Prof. Doug Jerolmack. I explored those interests further, and continued to study granular rheology, during a wonderful postdoc with Prof. Karen Daniels at NC State University before arriving to start my own research group at Haverford College.

Besides granular and soft matter physics, I am also interested in physics education and evidence-based teaching methods. My experience is focused on the development of new, upper-level laboratory exercises, as well as active learning exercises and demonstrations in the classroom. I am particularly interested in how educational strategies can serve students with varied and diverse learning styles and background, thus reducing barriers to diversity in Physics.

Squishlab alumni

  • Jonam Walter - Class of '19. Studying for his MS in MEAM at UPenn. Jonam built our fluidization and sedimentation apparatus. His accomplishments including the design, fabrication (in collaboration with our research machinist Bob Beyer) and testing of a novel pump based on original designs by Nikolai Tesla.
  • Ryan Tetro - Class of '19. Studying for his MS in Nanotechnology Engineering at UPenn. Ryan laid the groundwork for ongoing light scattering measurements to understand anomalous thermal effects in sedimenting granular dispersions
  • Tyler Fong - Class of '18. Working at Vanguard through the Acceleration into Financial Professional Program. Tyler worked with Hongyou Lin to develop new and improved acoustic sensors for studies of acoustic emissions in granular solids.
  • James Stadler - Class of '18. Working at Physical Sciences Inc. James initiated our research on sedimentation.
  • Kierra Smith - Class of '20. Music major at Haverford. Kierra helped to establish much of the prototyping and particle fabrication workflow in the lab.
  • Yixuan Zhou - Now studying computer science at Rice. Yixuan established our ability to do photoelastic force measurements.
  • Luis Loza - Class of '17. Now studying medical physics at UPenn. Luis studied the physics of bonded granular aggregates.
  • Anthony Rizzo - Class of '17. Ph.D. candidate in Electrical Engineering at Columbia University in the Lightwave Research Laboratory. Anthony studied the transmission of forces through granular materials